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Clinical Champions Updates

Clinical Champion Work Group and VMG Committee



April 15th - Persistent Pain (Duffy)

April 11th - Hypoglycemia (Rogers/Gladski)

March 8th - Antimicrobial Stewardship (Chastain-Stultz)

February 29th - Contraception “Pearls” and Resources (Wasserman)

February 14th - Cervical Cancer Screening (Fionte)

January 17th - Antimicrobial stewardship

December 20th - Hyperlipidemia (Appleton)

December 4th - Breast Cancer Screening (Fionte)

November 9th - COPD (Shoushtari)

October 23rd - CHF (Buchanon)

October 18th - Hypertension (Boucher, Lopez del Castillo)

September 29th - Advisory Committee Update Advance Care Planning (Simkin, Killip, Schwartz, Chamberlain, Novo, Pick)

September 19th - Lifestyle (Appleton)

September 13th - Persistent Pain (Duffy)

July 20th - CHF (Buchanon)

July 17th - Advisory Committee Update De-Prescribing (Tsang)

July 13th - Asthma (Graef)

 - Asthma Stepwise Guideline

July 10th - COPD (Shoushtari​)

- COPD Meds Generic and Brand Names

COPD teaching slides and figures

June 8th - Antibiotic Stewardship (Grinstein)

Acute sinusitis antibiotic Rx duration 2022 spreadsheet

June 1st - Hypertension (Lopez del Castillo/Boucher)

May 16th - Lifestyle (Appleton)

April  27th - Diabetes (Rogers/Green)

April 24th - Cancer Screening (Fionte)

April 6th - Advisory Committee Update Billing (Tauscher)

March 28th - Advisory Committee Update Persistent Pain (Duffy)

March 20th - CHF (Buchanon)

February 28th - Asthma (Graef/Shoushtari​)

February 23rd - Antibiototic Stewardship

Inappropriate Antibiotic Rx Rates 2022 Spreadsheet

February 6th - Hypertension (Lopez del Castillo/Boucher)

January 26th - Diabetes (Rogers/Green)

December 12th - Deprescribing (Tsang/Aierstuck)

November 11th - Antibiotic Stewardship (Grinstein)

- Acute Bronchitis PDF

October 31st - Diabetes (Rogers/Green)

October 24th - COPD (Shoushtari​)

October 17th - Hypertension (Lopez del Castillo/Bliss)

October 10th - Congestive Heart Failure (Buchanan)

October 3rd - Advance Care Planning (Simkin, Killip, Schwartz, Chamberlain, Novo, Pick)

August 30th - Lifestyle (Appleton)

August 23rd - Persistent Pain (Duffy/Rogers)

July 27th - CHF (Buchanan)

July 18th - Diabetes (Rogers/Green)

Mounjaro Update pdf

June 6th - Smoking Cessation (Cory, Esrick, Pick, Conolly, Meyers, Baird, Tremblay-Davis, Sweeney)

May 31st - COPD (Shoushtari, Graef)

Powerpoint for COPD Update

May 23rd - Persistent Pain (Duffy/Rogers)

May 2nd, Antibiotic Stewardship  (Grinstein)

April 14th - Deprescribing (Tsang, Aierstuck)

April 4th - CHF (Buchanon)

                - HF Meds Table

March 28th - Hyperlipidemia and Lifestyle (Appleton)

March 15th - Hypertension (Lopez del Castillo/Bliss)

March 1st - Diabetes (Rogers/Green)

January 24th - Smoking Cessation (A. Esrick/Cory/Conolly/ Coleman/Meyers/ Sweeney/Baird/Pick)

December 9th - Antibiotic Stewardship (Grinstein)

November 17th - COPD (Shoushtari, Graef)

November 1st - Diabetes (Green/Rogers)

October 4th - Hypertension (Lopez del Castillo/Bliss)

September 14th - Deprescribing (Tasng, Aierstuck)

September 7th - Hyperlipidemia and Lifestyle (Appleton)

August 16th - Persistent Pain (Rogers/Duffy)

August 5th, Smoking Cessation (A. Esrick, Cory, Olcott, Coleman, Meyers, Sweeney, Baird, Pick)

July 6th - Diabetes (Green, Rogers)

June 17st - RAF (Killip)

June 1st - CHF (Iverson)

May 18th - Hyperlipidemia/Lifestyle (Appleton)

May 11th - COPD (Shoushtari, Graef)

April 5th - Hypertension (Lopez del Castillo, Bliss)

March 9th - Smoking Cessation (Esrick, Cory, Madura, Olcott, Sweeney)

March 1st - Persistent Pain (Duffy, Rogers, McKeon)

February 22nd, 2021 - Asthma (Cory/Feinland)

February 8th, 2021 - Hyperlipidemia/Heart Disease (Appleton)

November 3rd - Smoking Cessation (A. Esrick, Cory, Madura, Olcott, Sweeney)

October 26th - HTN (Lopez Del Castillo, Appleton, Bliss)

October 19th - CHF (Iverson)

October 1st - RAF (Killip)

September 14th - Asthma (Cory/Feniland)

August 31st - Diabetes (Green/Rogers)

March 2nd - Smoking Cessation (Esrick, Ann/Anderson, Carol)

February 14th - Asthma )Cory/Feinland)

December 24th - RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) (Killip)

December 4th - Smoking Cessation (Cory/Esrick/Anderson)

November 18th - Hyperlipidemia (Viele)

November 4th - Hypertension (Lopez del Castillo/Appleton)

October 21st - Diabetes (Green/Rogers)

October 14th - Asthma (Cory/Feinland)

September 23rd - Congestive Heart Failure (Iverson)

September 10th - RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) / (Killip)

August 26th - Smoking Cessation (A. Esrick/C. Anderson)

August 12th - Hyperlipidemia (Viele)

July 29th - Hypertention (Lopez del Castillo/Appleton)

July 1st - Diabetes (Rogers/Green)

June 17th - Asthma (Corey/Feinland)


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